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E-mail me with a brief description and picture of your rifle and I will post it.

Hunter's M59/66AB1

Hunter's Laminated Russian

Hunter's Chicom with ATI folder

Driftpunch's Guns Top, Soviet Tula 1950 all original, bottom, Soviet Tula 1954 Laminate Stock, Bottom Crown Differences

Hunter's SINO

BigDog's M59/66 with grenade launcher. I have fitted the Chinese 4X28 scope on receiver-cover mount and a clamp-on metal bipod. It's an accurate weapon for an SKS, 3" group@100yds with Russian ammo, 1.5"@100yds with UMC ammo.

My great granfather's shotgun. I need information on it. It's a W.M. Enders model Oakleaf

Here is the stamp on the Oakleaf shotgun. It has Walden, New York USA on it.

Bigdog's Romak 99-1 has been fitted with the Chinese MAK90 stockset, giving him longer length of pull and better ergonomics.Chinese 3-9X40 rubber-armoured scope on receiver-cover mount - very secure with rear setscrews.

John's '61 Romanian w/Dragunov stock, 6X32 scope, 20 rd. fixed magazine & flash suppressor.

John's Chicom w/folding stock, 4X28 scope, detachable 30rd magazine with fixed bipod.

My Granfather's .22 caliber Springfield Meteor Model 52-A. Any information on this gun will be appreciated

Ralph's rifle is a 1992 MAK-90 with 20" barrel, AK-74 muzzle brake, Chi-com universal bipod, European scope rail added with mount, Russian 8x56 sniper scope, and a 75 round chi-com drum.

Beetle's Chinese SKS, Mini-14 and Mossberg 500A .

Charlie in VA's Albanian SKS.

Art's Yugoslavian SKS's, the top one is a SOG good grade with a nouglyguns urban camo stock and a chinses scope mounted on the receiver. The bottom one is an AIM Unissued...flawless SKS.

James's Romanian AK's. Top is Romanian with a muzzle break and draganov stock. Bottom is a Romanian AK made into a Dragonov.

Al's Yugoslavian SKS.

Dwayne's 50 Tula

Dwayne's Norinco with a No ugly guns German Flectar stock.

Jeremy's Norinco setup with a 37mm flare launcher 50rd clip 3-9x32 simmons scope with leapers hi pro mounts.

Dwayne's Yugo SKS.









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